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Name:Paris Fabian Hart
Birthdate:May 1
Location:Manhattan, bitches, New York, United States of America
Website:@ Dream Like New York

p a r i s · f a b i a n · h a r t

"I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way..."

Paris Fabian Hart is the epitome of a sassy gay bitch, and is someone who has grown up determined to get whatever he wants. It was far from an easy road, though, and the tough times he has weathered has brought him to a place where he won't take crap and will do what it takes to establish his place in the world. It just so happens that the world he wanted to be in was the fashion world and despite being repeatedly told he he could be the true person he was inside, it only made him more determined to show the bastards he was going to be exactly that.

Paris knew from a very young age that he wasn't the same as everyone else. It just wasn't until he was a teenager that he understood what that was, and it was obvious he was gay but a hard childhood of being bullied and picked on for being different made it hard for him to understand the concept of coming out. He is the second born child to Frank and Linda Hart, with big sister, Geneviève, only 13 months older than him. (Full family backstory found @ Gen's profile HERE.

Being gay proved to be one of the hardest hurdles of Paris' life. The bullying increased from taunting and shoving to more dangerous levels in high school. He had his tyres slashes, he was egged in the school halls, and he was locked in the bathroom of a dingy gas station overnight alone in the dark where a gang of football players threatened him gay slurs through the the door. During this time, Gen was getting into messes of her own and Paris did the best he could to take care of her as much as she needed, but he felt like he was losing his grip on his sanity some days. Some days, he felt very, very alone and isolated. He missed his mom, who passed away from breast cancer when he was a child, more and more, wishing she was there to just hug him and take the pain away. It all came to a head when Paris was run off the road one night on his way home dance lessons, and he smashed his car into a tree where he suffered concussion, a broken leg, and cracked ribs. It was the night some of Paris' light went out in him, and he fell into a period of dark times where he suffered depression and tried to overdose one night when none of his family were home. But when he woke up in the hospital and saw the fear and hurt in his dad and his sister's eyes, he knew he didn't really want to die and he was determined to not let these assholes destroy his life.

It took a lot for him to come out to their dad, but it was the crunch that forced their hand to know big changes were needed. Frank realised it was time to open his eyes up to things he had buried long ago when he lost the love of his life, and realised how much his kids needed him. Their relationship strengthened and he supported them both as much as he could, and it lead to him finding a new love, Suzanne, whom both Paris and Gen really came to love (thankfully). With Gen already in college studying Business, Paris graduated high school and was glad to see the back of it, especially considering he was destined for the Fashion Institute of Technology where he went on to graduate with a degree in Fashion Design, and went on to study a Masters in Global Fashion Management. But with Paris close to finishing his studies, the overwhelming question of "What next?" hit both siblings.

Gen was every bit the cold hard bitch when she needed to be, and it was with the power of that behind her that she walked right into the office of her biological father's marketing firm, announcing that he was her daughter, and he had two choices -- give her the startup cash for a fashion magazine, and have his firm handle all the marketing, or she could go to the New York Times and make sure everybody and their mother in the City knew that he was a shitty human being who turned his back on his own kid. This was hardly an image he wanted projected when he had remarried, had two teenage kids, and had established himself as a leader in his church to boot. She assured him that the money would be taken as a loan and paid in full once the magazine was doing okay, and that he would be well paid for the marketing side of things once that, too, was a profitable pursuit. Not willing to lose his reputation, he agreed, and Gen and Paris put their heads together to create Fabulous magazine, a fashion mag that catered not only to women, but to gay men. It took a few years of hard yards, but the magazine made it, and even became a pretty profitable operation. Better than that, though, as far as both siblings were concerned, was the fact that top labels and designers kept them literally rolling in the latest fashions, and they always had unbelievable clothing at their fingertips.

Paris has grown up to be a fierce and successful businessman and a well-known fashion expert in the industry. He is a designer in his own right, but his One True Love is their magazine corporation. He is single, and has never dated, sticking to occasional casual sex if he feels like it. It will take some REALLY special to get him to even consider any long-term relationship. He is always immaculately dresses, and the first way Gen knows if something is wrong with him if he ends up in sweats or misses a day shaving. He is very involved in charity, most recognisably, The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better campaign, stemmed from his own history of being bullied. The magazine donates extensive amounts to the breast cancer research, and Paris and Gen started a foundation in their mother's name that helps women recovering from breast cancer regain their confidence with makeover and pamper packages, including fashion shows using survivors as models. It's a huge hit, and both brother and sister are respected philanthropists in New York City.

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